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Bosom Blossom Natural Breast Enlargement Cream – Information & FAQ

What is Bosom Blossom Natural Breast Enlargement Cream?
Bosom Blossom Breast Firming Cream is a natural breast enhancement therapy that gives your breasts a beautiful shape and younger looking cleavage without having to take pills. The results are visible within weeks!

How does Bosom Blossom Natural Breast Enlargement Cream works?
Bosom Blossom Natural Breast Enlargement Cream consists of natural the natural phyto-estrogens that regulates hormones that promotes healthy tissue growth (liposomes), and also rehydrate tired and wrinkly breast skin. This cream also has a rare Indian herb called Shatavari which is conceivably the best known breast rejuvenator and used for breast enhancement and firming by Indian Ayurvedacharyas since last 5000 years. The massage with the cream enhances blood flow to the breasts and help glands receive all nutrients that are essential for breasts tissues overall health.

Why is it better than other Breast Enlargement products?
First of all it is an all natural formula. It is without side effects. It does not contain estrogen harmone. Bosom Blossom Natural Breast Enlargement Cream is applied topically and the herbs are delivered through its transdermal delivery system. The ingredients in the cream takes overall care of breast apart from its main function of elargement. The pills available in the market may trigger serious side effects including cancer. Similarly, breast surgery are too coslty and have risk of things going wrong with the procedure.

What results can I expect?
Positive results are visible usually in as little as 4 weeks. In most cases, individuals will realize increases of 1/2 to 2 full cup sizes in just three months.

Will I gain weight by using Bosom Blossom?
No. Bosom Blossom Natural Breast Enlargement Cream specifically stimulates the development of the healthy tissues in mammary glands. There have been no reports of women experiencing weight gain caused directly or indirectly by this cream.

Is it safe? Does Bosom Blossom Breast Enlargement Cream have any side effects?
Bosom Blossom Natural Breast Enlargement Cream is a safe natural product and does not cause any side effects.

Does Bosom Blossom contain Paraben or Phthalates?
No. Bosom Blossom does NOT contain harmful and cancer causing Paraben or Phthalates.

What is in Bosom Blossom Breast Enlargement Cream?
Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha), Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavari), Cutch Tree Ext. (Acacia Catechu), Rose Water (Rosa Damascena), Olive Oil (Olea Euroea), Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate*, Lanette-18*, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Emulgade 165*, Walnut Oil (Juglans Regia), Firmiderm LS 9120* (Tropical Almond Leaf & Elderberry Ext.), Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus), Potassium Sorbate, Eumulgin SG*, Wheat Germ Oil (Tritcum Vulgare), Lotus Ext. (Nelumbo Nucifera).

Do I need a prescription to take Bosom Blossom Breast Enlargement Cream?
No. Since Bosom Blossom Breast Enlargement Cream is an all natural supplement, there is no need for a prescription.

Is it safe to use while pregnant and breast feeding?
Bosom Blossom Bust Enlargement Cream is a natural cream and there is no known side effect, we do not recommend using the cream while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Who should not use this cream?
Women with a history of cysts or tumors, pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers, and women taking birth control pills should consult your doctor before using this product.

How often is it to be applied?
For best result, Bosom Blossom Breast Enlargement Cream should be used twice daily, in the morning and night.

Is it safe to use more than the recommended daily dosage?
Absolutely. Because Bosom Blossom Breast Enlargement Cream is a natural, topically applied cream, there are no known side effects from exceeding the recommended daily dosage.

What is the payment mode?
We accept payments via our payment gateway ccavenue & we accept Visa, Master, Amex, & paypal.

Is it safe to order online? Is my credit card secure when I use it on your web site?
Since you make payment through payment gateway, their fortified security measures ensure that sensitive information (i.e. credit card number) is always protected. (Payment Gateway is an online retailer that provides a merchant account alternative, credit card processing, shopping cart, fraud prevention, & secure checkout services. The payment gateway never shares credit card information with suppliers.)

What If I don’t have a Credit Card?
We can accept other forms of payment, such as Bank wire or Money order (eg. Western Union). Contact us on if you want to pay using a method other than credit card, we would be happy to hear from you.